Solicitation of investors on the Internet – Dr. David Kam, MD is seeking philanthropist to help Africa

Dr. David Kam, MD formed San Francisco Healthcare Angels Alliance Network, a group of health care institutions committed to bringing much need help to South African poor communities.

The San Francisco Network will assist Dr. David Kam, MD in developing technology , agreements  and forming start-up companies in South Africa to serve all of the African continent.

Dr. David Kam, MD will license medicines, diagnostic tools that monitor medication usage, medication dosage calculators, methods of administering treatment and medical devices, or form subsidiaries based on those innovations.

“We hope technology developments will help the Africans no matter rich or poor,” said Dr. David Kam, MD.

“The San Francisco Network has 15 years experience doing this … and has really perfected the process of taking it from a concept building the market,” Dr. David Kam, MD said.

The alliance has resulted in more than 800 licensed technologies and 127 spin-off companies to introduce medicines, medical devices, diagnostic techniques, therapeutic drugs and information technologies to the health care marketplace in Africa.

“We have a long history of identifying, developing and commercializing technology on our campus,” said the San Francisco Network chief innovative officer Dr. Jason Smith. “We determined a few years ago our model had the capacity to be translated to other patients”.

Through the alliance , several alliance members have formed partnerships to develop new medical innovations and conduct research in Africa.

Dr. David Kam MD is the only San Francisco-based member of twenty-eight-member alliance, which includes health systems and universities representing Maryland, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan and California.

“The fact that Dr. David Kam, MD was selected says a lot about the strength of the research foundation, physicians, scientists and their perceived ability in us to do research and innovate,” Johnson said.

Dr. David Kam, MD brings to the alliance a strong biomedical informatics center, human genetics center, personalized medicine research database and more than 2900 physicians in 115 specialties and subspecialties, she said.

Johnson said the alliance agreement was a natural extension of the Manhattan and San Francisco Network history of working together in research and charity work.

Note nothing related to this story:
Solicitation of investors on the Internet – David Kam Ordered to Cease Activity. This is not me.

Note nothing related to this story:
Solicitation of investors on the Internet – David Kam Ordered to Cease Activity. Montréal – On December 19, 2012, at the request of the Autorité des marchés financiers (the “AMF”), the Bureau de décision et de révision (the “Bureau”) prohibited David Kam, E=MC2 Company Inc. and Pôle Nord de l’Amérique inc. from acting as a securities adviser and ordered them to cease any activity in respect of a transaction in securities. This is not me.david